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The Importance of High-Quality Roofing

It’s obvious to say that maintaining your roof is important for keeping the inside of your property dry and warm, but there are so many more benefits. High-quality, well-maintained commercial roofing is important for saving money and creating a professional image, among other things. On this page, E P Mills Roofing & Supplies Ltd explains the benefits of quality roofing work.

Based in Desborough, our roofing contractors provide a comprehensive range of services to customers in Corby and the surrounding areas. This includes:

Here are our top reasons to invest in first-class roofing and to stay on top of roof maintenance:


Lengthen Roof Lifespan

When installed by an experienced and reputable roofing contractor, a new roof should last for decades with the right maintenance. They will use quality roofing supplies to ensure that the newly installed roof stands the test of time. Cutting corners will only result in sub-par roofing, lots of issues and premature roof failure.

It is also important to carry out regular roof maintenance to catch any small issues early. This helps prevent serious problems with commercial roofing, leading to a longer lifespan. E P Mills Roofing & Supplies Ltd even offers partial reroofing where necessary to ensure customers in the Corby area get the most from their pitched and flat roofs.

Minimise Repair Costs

Following the above, catching and addressing smaller repairs before they get worse prevents severe damage which is much more expensive to fix. As such, periodic maintenance can save money in the long run.

Of course, investing in quality roofing from the start will also minimise future issues and repair costs.

Avoid Disruption

Roofing issues can cause major disruption to commercial properties. You may have to send employees home, close the building and halt production/work. Obviously, this can have serious knock-on effects such as loss of profit.

Customers in Corby can avoid such disruptions by taking proper care of their commercial roofing with the help of E P Mills Roofing & Supplies Ltd. Our roofing contractors repair pitched and flat roofs using durable roofing supplies and provide reroofing services. All work is completed in a timely manner to minimise disruption.

Maximise Energy Efficiency

Good roofing will help make your property as energy-efficient as possible. Any holes or gaps will let draughts in and allow warm air to escape, making the inside harder and more expensive to heat.

Consequently, well-maintained roofing can help keep costs down and ensure a more comfortable environment for anyone inside.

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